PLD community lounge

Over the past years, the lighting (design) market has developed further. Professional groups that at first may not be related to the lighting design profession are becoming more and more relevant and part of the community. Through ongoing research and new technologies it crystallises that museum directors and curators, hospital and healthcare facilities, school planners and head masters, hotel and shopping mall owners and clients from the public sector need to be included in the discussions to demonstrate and educate these groups how good lighting can positively benefit the healing process, learning abilities or conservation effects, as well as a rise in sales and contentment of the clients.

The network that is currently forming is not subject to any practical constraints inherent to fixed structures. It is intended to link all professional groups and to integrate them into the lighting design discussions and to enable an exchange and networking platform. PLDC provides this platform. A specially designed Professional Lighting Design community lounge will offer actual discussion areas, information on ongoing activities at the convention and upcoming events and activities, a contact point/job exchange, moderated discussions on up to date and convention-related topics and much more!

The PLD community is a group of like-minded individuals from all over the world who intend to develop the lighting design profession as an established profession. This also means continuously developing the personal and professional skill and continuing education on all levels. The Professional Lighting Design magazine, PLD offers a communication media that reaches out worldwide to professionals of different target groups. More information is available at the PLDC registration desk and VIA stand.